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Quality over Price anytime

With consumers becoming smarter and more knowledgeable of product ingredient, they are now choosing quality over price.

Have you ever stopped and read the ingredients of some of your favorite products? Have you ever looked up the definition of these ingredients?

Skin has to last for as long as we allow it and putting toxic bath and body products, makeup, skincare and other products that are unnatural can age the skin and make you look much older that your actual age.

The secret to beautiful skin is pure ingredients and good skincare. Let us show you what it feels like to have pure and natural Ingredients used when you get a facial on location by Aahrelax Wellness.

Subscribe to our newsletter and get great information on how to keep your skin fresh in all seasons. We also include information on women health and bath and body products and how to choose the one for your skin type. There are skin types that need extra hydration, moisture, a reduction of oil, and combination skin that has can include 2 different skin types.

Please visit Shearoma to see our Pure Body Mists which we have formulated to help keep you cool, and hydrated. One of our product Patchouli Orange has the properties to absorb excess oil from face and body. Lavender can be used as a toner for all skin types to keep skin fresh and light.

Let us know what you are using and we can evaluate it for you to determine if it’s pure and natural and worth continuing to use. We want our clients to receive the highest quality products at Shearoma.

All products are made with the highest and purest ingredients. Come shop quality over price and trust that quality is always superior over expensive toxicity.

  1. When you buy $15.00 of our product, we’ll include a FREE gift valued at $9.99. Also if you subscribe to a treatment from our wellness company Aahrelax Wellness, you’ll receive a FREE bottle of Pure Body Mist Lavender, or Patchouli Orange as a token of our appreciation for trying our services.

Thank you for reading and we hope to help you be wise about quality over price and how to keep your skin and pocketbooks light and tight.

LynePastels Skin blogger!




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