Pure & Natural Scents


Lemongrass Tea Tree

Pure & Natural is great for killing bacteria, & fungus on the skin. This great aroma is antifungal,   anti- microbial, & prevents infections.  Its pure ingredients no Alcohol/chemicals or parabens

2.7fl. oz.(80ml)


Deodorize the air with this amazing smell of Lavender after the go and its so amazing your skin will love it as well.  Spray on your pillow for a great nights sleep. Meditative and calming. No alcohol/chemicals or parabens

 2.7 fl. oz.(80ml) 


Patchouli Sweet Orange 

Patchouli Orange is an earthy scent with properties to heal dry skin, heal athletes feet, and conditions dry hair. Orange & Tangerine helps soften elbows, feet and skin. Its pure ingredients no Alcohol/chemicals or parabens 2.0fl oz.(60ml)

Gift sets for everyone

Pure Raw & Scented Shea Butter

Yaaki Oil for Men

Our Yaaki body oil is our signature scent for the men in our lives that is similar to Issey Miyake Cologne that is light and amazing. This can be used as a room spray, and bathroom spray and the Pure body mist as a body spray for men - Women love this!

Bathroom Boo Gift Set

Deodorize the air with this amazing set of Bathroom Boos for After the Go, or just to sanitize and deodorize any room. This set includes Lavender, Patchouli Sweet Orange, Lemongrass Tea Tree, and Yaaki for men.  2.0 fl. oz.(60ml)  Just $14.95 

Pure Body Mist Set

This set includes 4 2 ounce bottles of each scent of Pure Body Mist. Yaaki, Lavender, Patchouli Orange, and Lemongrass Tea Tree. Each are pure, and natural with distilled essential oils and vitamin E as a preservative. This makes a great gift for anyone.


Raw Shea Butter

Shea Butter is an amazing moisturizer for dry cracked skin, dehydrated skin, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, and all skin conditions. Its a fatty asic from the Shea or Karite nut tree used as a moisturizer and to heal many skin conditions.


Scented Pure Shea Butter

We carry shea butter in different scents to offer you. For a meditative and calming scent use Lavender, fungus or athletes feet use patchouli or lemongrass, and a women magnet use Yaaki. They all soften skin and gift moisturize to dry exfoliated skin.


Shea Butter Gifts 

4 ounce Scented Shea Butter are pure and natural and can soften any dry, rough, dehydrated skin caused by harsh weather. Scented shea butter is hand crafted and made in USA. 4 oz. just $6.99 Scented, $4.99 Pure Raw 4 oz.. $12 - 16 oz., & $8.99 - 8oz